Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A few bright moments in the middle of the week

I made my first trip to Horrocks today with my friends: Gemma, Ada, Gibson, and Crew (and my Mom and sisters) It was DE-LIGHTFUL! The sweet smells of flowers, warmth, spring time, coffee...all my favorite things. It was thoroughly entertaining to walk through and watch the excitement of the little ones  (Okay, me too) As we walked down aisles of gloriousness. I am super excited about my fresh coffee (better than Starbucks, I promise!) my rum butter toffee peanuts, and baby tears plant. If you have never been to Horrocks, BE THERE! Lovely, lovely experience. The new store Love Culture also made my day by producing the cutest owl shirt ever...I just couldn't resist. 
Hope you enjoy your middle-of-the-week-day as much as I did. 
...:Much love::...

                                                        Oh the joys of plant cover hats...


   I'm convinced that if I meet someone this summer with this same shirt,
                                    that we were made to be best friends forever...and ever.

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