Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Geenen Family

Energy. Energy. Love. Kisses. More energy. This family is super adorable and lovable and on the go all.the.time. It was exciting just to be apart of their lives for a while as we walked to the woods, watched Sam swing, bike, run and as Emma just laid and modeled perfectly for us :) How precious to watch the interaction of parents with their children and listen to how they are raising two sweet little humans. Good job, guys!! :)

Such a lovable pair, don't you think?

I think Baby feet are the most precious thing in the world!!

                                    Sam had to show me his "sthweet" drumset
I'm in love with this photo, don't know why. It's says "boy". The shirt, the face, the truck...love.

Scoundrel. The cutest scoundrel around.

I love her.

Love lives here.


  1. Jen! I LOVE love them so much! Thank you! Sam especially loves that he has pictures of himself on his bike! :) Thanks again, I love them!

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  3. Good! So glad!! Thanks for being such an adorable fam :)

  4. These are TOO adorable jen! Love your eye for little details! ;)