Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brett & Brittany ...:Engaged:...

Where didn't we go? From a scrap metal yard to farmer's market to vintage cars to woods. Super fun and adorable hubby and wife to-be were so much fun and easy on my camera lens for sure. Brittany's style is fabulous so enjoy it... All I can say is: Check.Out.Her.Shoes! And such positive and fun energy from both Brett and Brittany despite the fact that it rained almost the entire photo shoot!! I realize that I got a ton of them kissing, but hey! they are photogenic kissers:) It's a gift, really. So we are gonna show it off! Get excited with me for their upcoming fabulous August wedding. Enjoy their loveliness~ 

...Coming Soon...

How romantic is this?!! Brett hardly needed any coaching on this pose:)

One of my all-time favorites! Her shoes make the world go round...

Aww kissing under the 'mistletoe' pine cone

                                             Like I said...Be excited for August:)

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  1. Super cute Jen!!! This is your best stuff yet :) Amazing!! xo