Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daniel and Amber ...:Married:...

Sweet and adorable Dan and Amber tied the knot on a warm Thursday evening. Amber was one of the most relaxed bride I've ever worked with --- and check out her dress, YELLOW peonies, and super adorable shoes that she spray painted yellow (shh, it's a secret). Oh! And check out her handsome hubby - who has given his heart wholly and completely to his new bride. It was precious to watch them interact throughout the day. Simply precious. The bridal party was full of good-lookin's too...geesh! My job is full of beauty, love, laughter ... am I really working? 
 Not only are the newlyweds adorable in every way (height included), their hearts are completely for each other and for their God --- an inspiration to be sure. Blessings to you both! Xo

I love the nervous playing with the ring that all groom's seem to do...

Yes, I was admiring her fabulously toned arms all day too :)


They took time before they walked down the aisle to pray together...

Someone had a crush all day...Please let me do your wedding in 20 years :)

He took a running/diving start

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