Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Josh & Dana ...:Married:...

 Beautiful and windy June day: Josh and Dana said 'I Do' and I got to be there to capture the love. The bridal party was so much fun to hang out with for the day --- I love when I love other people's friends:) The bride and groom were so excited and fabulously nervous as they realized that this was the day they had waited for, for so long. To add to the excitement, the golf club allowed us to use their golf carts to drive around for a while: So.Much.Fun!
 Blessings to Josh and Dana --- may many years be yours together. 

They braved mosquito-infested forest for the perfect shot --- true models:)

I love Grandmothers...something so dear about them.

A moment of many that made me tear up...

The Bride has mad 'Up's' 

How cute is this idea to give out succulents as favors?! Love it.

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  1. I don't know how many times I've said it but thanks again Jen for capturing our day so beautifully! I love how you see things so perfectly through that lense of yours! ;) Ps. Your UPS comment made me laugh... little secret, I had LOTS of practice with those jumps with years in cheer and coaching gymnastics!