Saturday, July 16, 2011

Matt & Andrea ...:Married:...

 June 24 was one of the sweetest days for several reasons. First, I love the all-American look of Matt and Andrea. Second, they are one of the sweetest couples I've ever met. Third, Andrea had her wedding dress made from both of her Grandmother's and Mother's wedding dresses! Fourth, Andrea's Grandpa unfortunately had a stroke and couldn't join in the celebration, so she took time in between ceremony and reception to stop at the hospital to pin on his boutonniere. So precious!! There were so many other reasons I loved this day from their hilarious bridal party to the great families and friends of the bride and groom that I got to interact with. Blessings to Matt and Andrea --- they are surrounded by much love.

Matt had flowers delivered and this adorable book that they found together - presh.

This is how it should be on the Big Day...

Erik Gerson did an AMAZING job with Andi's makeup. If I were getting married again, I would totally have him do my makeup! He was awesome. 

Sweet Mothers

How sweet is her pin?

I always cry at this part...I need to get ahold of myself:)

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  1. Erick Servin is an amazing make-up artist. I highly recommend him !