Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zach & Annie ...:Married:...

Seriously sweet. Zach and Annie's wedding day was as dear as they are! Their families were an absolute delight and everyone was so happy all day long. I felt so honored to be apart of their special day! I loved the white peonies and greenery of the bouquets. I loved the colors of the guys' suits and their hilarious selves. I loved the chocolate lab that I am still not sure of it's name because of all the nicknames I heard:) And mostly I loved the love between the new Mr and Mrs ...
Blessings to you both. Thanks for a fabulous day!

Check out his face...so adorable!

How stinkin' adorable is she?! Adorable.

I just loved this picture...fabulous colors, face, flowers. Ah me oh my!

Annie's Grandmother made her this sweet bracelet. I love. 

LOVED the programs!

Some lovely white board art..

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  1. Jen,
    Your talent leaves me speachless! I will treasure your creative gift forever! Bless you and Thank You! Annie and Zach's (and also Jen's) "biggest fan"...... Carrie Seeley