Thursday, August 25, 2011

{ A Pink Affair }

Seriously adorable. Seriously ladylike. And a lot of pink ... I cannot get enough of this shoot. I could have just kept snapping all night long {and the girls would have loved it} One of the reasons they are so freaking photogenic is because Lindsey is a wonderful photographer down in Florida and takes their pictures a lot...HOW COULD YOU NOT?! They are so precious! It was a beautiful night for a girl's night/tea party which inspired twirls, curtseys, kisses, and all that is wonderfully girly and pink. 
It makes me want to dress up like this too...because, why not? I don't we should ever be too old to put on a frou frou dress and put too much pink on and way too many accessories on our arms, and drink out of pink, glass tea cups. And twirl, and kiss ... and love.

Yes, she birthed two children ... amazing

                                              Please notice her adorable pinky ... so ladylike

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  1. Aw I love this soo much! So presh in every way, especially the ladylike poses! Great post!!