Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cameron & Alli {Engaged}

       "We would like a winter engagement session in January or February." Cameron and Alli said to me as I thought: Oh, good thing we live in Michigan...there will be beautiful, mountainous piles of fresh snow.  Once again, Michigan had a surprise for us all: No snow. So, with an unusually dry and warm winter, creating a white and sparkling engagement session is hard to come by. Finally, we had a one day window before more rain.  (The next day all the snow was gone again) Anyways, enough weather talk. Cameron and Alli trooped through the snow with me - freezing while looking fabulous: True models right there. Their little dog, Logan trudged along through the snow with us until he shivered and had to put his coat on :) So adorable! I am so excited to be able to capture their lovely wedding day this coming fall: Twill be fabulous! With beautiful weather, I'm sure :)
Ta-ta for now.



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