Monday, April 2, 2012

:Lucas and Michelle:

Wonderful sunshine mixed with a chilly March breeze, no, wind. But! No snow! One of the most delightful bridal parties I have yet worked with, with the girls rocking wind blown hair, the guys feeling manly against the wind. Makes for a perfect combination, right? : ) Not to mention the Bride and Groom, radiant and handsome, so laid back and fun. And I get to do this for a living?! Lucas and Michelle's wedding day left me feeling blessed to do something I love and work with such amazing couples.
Not only was their bridal party beautiful, but their entire wedding was fabulous too. On each table had ten painted white cans filled with gorgeous flowers from Spring Sweet (she also created the perfect bouquets, urns, and was the master mind behind the light garlands above the stage). Their "guestbook" was unique where guests would write their message to the newlyweds next to a page or a word in a dictionary. Adorable.  
As if I need to blabber on about how lovely these newlyweds are...and I will keep blabbering... Beautiful and romantic: Lucas and Michelle left for their honeymoon to Ireland the next day. I told them I would gladly follow them there and take more photos .... I guess they wanted to be alone on their honeymoon, but it was worth asking ;) Blessings to you both! I loved being a part of your day and getting to know you and your delightful pack of crazy friends. 

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