Tuesday, May 29, 2012

|Kameron + Ashlee|

 My time with Kameron and Ashlee was delightful. We started in Grand Haven which is always a delight and then headed to the beach for some golden-y, romantical light. Ashlee's outfits were another delight, from her romantic white blouse, mint colored shorts, to their lovely 'matching outfits' of denim and white. LOVE. Speaking of love, Ashlee found the idea of having 'love' spelled out in front of them from dear, dear Pinterest and I love how it turned out. And finally, her ring is breathtakingly beautiful! I love everything about it.  
The session was extremely warm, especially when we hiked to get to the beach up and down stairs, over  hills and valleys... (extra workout points to us :) So I was a tad jealous when Kameron and Ashlee put on their suits for a couple fun water pictures. The jealousy disappeared, however, when Kameron picked Ashlee up and "placed" her in the coooold Lake Michigan. It made for adorable pics though, so I don't feel too badly for Ash ; ) AND we had a tea party by the beach stairs. 
Like I said, DEEE-lightful. 
Needless to say, I am beyond excited for their wedding this summer!

Had to add a pop O color for added happiness : ) 

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