Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kyle + Sarah

The upcoming newlyweds are more than adorable. I knew I liked Kyle as soon as he noticed and pointed out that Sarah and I were wearing the same shoes and that's when I knew I loved her because they are some pretty fabulous shoes : ) Shoes that proceeded to become filthy with cement from the cement yard we eventually got kicked out of... wonderful times. So many more things that I loved about these two: they laughed about getting kicked out, cement shoes, no air conditioning so we rode with the windows down in their car, talking loudly and laughing. I adore couples who laugh with each other- they make for fabulous pictures and a great and relaxed photo session. From now until their wedding is over, I will call Kyle: Bradley. Because he looks like Bradley Cooper to me....he's heard that before, and didn't complain. So, Bradley it is. And how beautiful is Sarah?! Like a bunch of models around here in wedding season : )  
Suuuuuper excited to take more pictures of them at their September wedding!!
Ta-ta for now.