Monday, May 14, 2012

Mike + Tara (part I)

 Tara is the second bride this year who I've had the pleasure of scooping ice cream with at my first job so many years ago. So when I got her email about being her wedding photographer, I was elated! They are such an adorable couple! Mike (who I kept calling Chris...doesn't he totally look like a Chris?!) was a gem as Tara and I chatted on about outfits, jewelry, and wedding details.   
What is super special about this blog post is that it's only part I of Mike and Tara's engagement session...after we took these lovely photographs, it started pouring rain! What was supposed to be a 70s and sunny day turned rainy and cold. (thanks weathermen) 
I get to meet up with the love birds Wednesday and finish part II of their session. 
We'll be back. 

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