Friday, July 13, 2012

DeWinter Family

Sweet and adorable DeWinter family: the kind of family that makes me want to have kids. Heath and Chelsea are such sweet parents to little Lawson who smiles more than anyone I know : ) It is obvious that they simply enjoy each other and being together. We had a marvelous time together in the woods with coca cola and the metal bridge, then we headed to a little calf barn near where I grew up. I had great memories of feeding the little cows when I was younger and thought it would be so cute to take Lawson to see them. I can get so carried away with taking photos, that I forget where I am...resulting in stepping in a giant puddle....puddle of cow poo. Not so cute anymore. Especially when I sat down in my car after attempting to scrape it off with dry grass, that my options to wipe up was a tie between an old Aldi receipt or my new drivers registration....I compromised by letting it air dry. [ Fail ]
A delightful evening of laughter, almost tears (on my part), the smell of poo that I haven't smelled in years, and coming home and telling Nick that I want a baby just like Lawson : ) 

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