Saturday, September 1, 2012

Matt + Laura |Married|

Remember that one gorgeous August day with big white puffy clouds and blue skies? Yes. Pretty much every day of this summer, right? But what about the day that started out with a cartoon sky and then just in time for dancing inside, the muggy, dark, romantic rain clouds moved in. I remember that day quite well. Let me tell you about it: 
I met Matt at our dear Engedi Church a couple years ago and then saw him at my frequent stops to Starbucks (side note: Matt can make a mean Vanilla Latte) Anyway, it turns out, that Laura also frequently stopped for coffee on her way to work. Their first date was paddle boarding and it was love ever since - how can it not be love when your love revolves around coffee and paddle boarding? Seriously.
There is nothing better than a couple who loves to laugh together - and their wedding day was no exception. Since there was no bridal party, we had extra time for extra shots of Matt and Laura - so much fun. Suspenders, red nails, her shoes!, her hair, their smiles....It was a day to remember. As the balmy night air gave way to large raindrops, they danced to their favorite song 'Under the Lime Tree' which is now my new favorite song - it was one of those moments that was perfect. It was as if everyone was watching the final scene of a beautiful, romantical movie. 
These are the moments...

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